Summer is HERE…finally!

If you are constantly on the go and your summer is packed with events, lash extensions will keep you looking fabulous no matter the time of day or how tired or frazzled you are.  Here’s how to care for those lashes & keep them perfect, all summer long.

Lashes don’t like chlorine or salt water, so if your splashing in the pool, make sure to give your lashes a rinse after your pool session so that they keep their retention.

If you are active out there and sweating up a storm with the heat or the activity be sure to give those lashes a rinse.  Oil will break down the glue, which will break that retention bond that is needed to keep those lashes on our eyelids and not on our cheeks! If you want to go the extra mile for eyelash protection, wear sunglasses to protect them from the heat.

It is in your lashes’ best interest to avoid any harsh water sports. If water sports are your thing, wearing goggles is a must.

Nothing says summer like hamburgers, hot dogs and freshly grilled veggies! Be careful to not lean directly over the BBQ as lashes can singe!  Also be aware of that hot oven and those warming fire pits.

Always wear your sunglasses when laying in the sun. Be sure your sunglasses have a high UV rating. This protects the rays from harming your lashes. If you get sweaty while laying out, be sure rinse your lashes after. Salty residue sitting on your extensions can break down the adhesive.

Our final summer lash warning…don’t forget to wear your sunscreen, but make sure it’s oil free!!

Experience all that all summer has to offer while feeling great in your own skin! Enjoy wearing less make-up this summer!

Happy sunny days ahead with your fabulous eyelash extensions.

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