So, you probably caught our post raving about how that holidays are the perfect time to glamorize your look and try out any makeup that you usually would be too timid to wear- right? Well if you did, you might have noticed we forgot to mention the most important finishing touch of a holiday look (or any look for that matter). What could that small little detail be? Lashes, of course, lashes.

Just like you look forward to eating the cherry on top of a delectable dark forest chocolate cake, we look forward to giving your lashes a makeover. Get incredible volume that stay even when you take the makeup off with our eyelash extensions. You can choose from looks that are flared, classic, and voluminous; all giving you that dramatic look you’ve been dreaming of.

Our Flare Lashes are pre-clustered extensions that adhere to your natural lashes for as temporary lash enhancer, providing you with a dazzling look.

Our Classic Lashes are high-quality synthetic extensions that will permanently adhere to each of your natural lashes, giving you that seamless finish (no one will even be able to tell they aren’t yours).

Our Volume Lashes permanently adhere to each lash, just like the Classic Lashes, but we customize the cluster of high-quality extensions for a sophisticated look unique to you!

Why would you let your lashes go bare when you’re glamorizing yourself for the perfect holiday look? It would be a shame to leave your lashes behind and not treat them with some loving care.

Love your lashes with lash extensions at Merle Normal this holiday season. We are experienced in professional application, fitting each lash custom to you and your eye shape. If you’ve been fawning over long, luxurious lashes, all season then book your lash extension appointment with Merle Norman today.